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5 Rules To Live By That May Just Change Your Life

There is no change...without change. It is often thought that for our life to change we need to make monumental changes…


How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness Every Day

I want you to take an unapologetically bold, hard, honest look at your life. Is it in unison with your heart? Do you feel…


How to Overcome Fear and Step Into Your Greatness

Most of my years have been spent living in fear. That may be surprising to hear from someone who has built a brand around…


5 Essential Fitness Moves for Busy Moms

Moms are truly superhuman. But you, superhuman warrior wonderwoman, may be overlooking the most powerful superpower of all,…


My Struggle With Self-Love (+ 5 Actionable Tips)

LIFESTYLE >> BLOG My Struggle With Self-Love (+ 5 Actionable Tips) Today I had the realization that is hard to admit…


Gravity Sportswear: The Only Fitness “Tech” You Actually Need

Gravity Sportswear and microloading are the future of fitness and can help your double down on the productivity of every…


The Best Fitness Equipment to Stay in Shape While Traveling

I always recommend bringing a few pieces of your own equipment when traveling. Here are my favorite (and often overlooked)…


Rest Days: What Fitness Beginners Get All Wrong

If you have a training regimen and it’s relatively intense, you need days off. Even the world’s top performing athletes…