Watch Mandy’s Powerful TedX Talk
Find Your Strong
Mandy DiMarzo & BURN

Last month I took a vulnerable leap of faith, stepped way out of my comfort zone and dared to share my true story to the world.

Here is my TEDx talk that I'm very proud of and I wanted all of you to be among the first to experience it. Share it. Reflect on it. Find more of yourself in it.

Who would have known I'd find some of my deepest truths in my darkest times.

I hope this gives you the inspiration and permission to do the same. All of our stories are worth it. We all have the ability to find our STRONG!

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Hi, I'm Mandy
Welcome to my corner of the world!

Here’s the scoop on me: I’m your go-to sweat connector, an unapologetic fitness lover, and a staunch believer in chasing dreams. I’m the workhorse who loathes excuses, respects the grind, and thrives on resilience.

I think of myself as a work in progress, imperfect yet constantly evolving, maybe you can relate? I’m deeply passionate about watching incredible individuals like you unlock their potential, feel accomplished, and embrace their strength and beauty - and that’s why I created BURN.

I Believe...

that we’re all complex mosaics, our unique pieces shaped by life’s highs and lows. Let’s dust off those shelved dreams and bring them into the light.

Are you ready to embrace the challenge, feel stronger, and achieve more?

Join me, and let’s forge your strongest season yet!

by Mandy
“BURN is the most effective workout I have found. I see results in my body that I have never seen before! It puts me in a good mood and helps me have a good day. It helps me feel strong and love and appreciate my body. I have a better day and a better life because of it. Thank you, Mandy! I’m so grateful.”
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