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"Mandy takes the darkest moments of her life in the powerlessness of anorexia and made them the most powerful lessons. This talk is for everyone who has been in battle yet afraid to surrender.  Her story is proof we all have it in us, sometimes we need just need the right voice to say it’s time. "

To My BURN Family -
‌Last month I took a vulnerable leap of faith, stepped way out of my comfort zone and dared to share my true story to the world. Below is my TEDx talk that I’m very proud of and I wanted all of you to be among the first to experience it. Share it. Reflect on it. Find more of yourself in it. Who would have known I’d find some of my deepest truths in my darkest times. 

‌I hope this gives you the inspiration and permission to do the same. All of our stories are worth it. We all have the ability to find our STRONG! 

‌With love and gratitude, 

Realizing My True Strengths in Eating Disorder Recovery

If my message resonates with you, or you think it may resonate with someone you care about, please share it far & wide. It has always been my hope that my own journey might serve as a guidepost and source of strength for others struggling through similar journeys. 

If you are struggling with an eating disorder YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The National Alliance for Eating Disorders is there for you. It's FREE & Confidential. Their Hours of operation are Mon - Fri, 9am-7pm EST. Call 1 (866) 662-1235, or visit their website:

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