5 Essential Fitness Moves for Busy Moms

Moms are truly superhuman. You do it all. But when it comes to putting yourself and your health on the list, it is usually always the first to go. 

Why is that? Why is guilt attached to working out? Why is it thought of as optional, when it’s actually essential? It’s because motherhood is a selfless act. Mothers are always giving energy and life to others.

But you. Yes, you, superhuman warrior wonderwomen, may be overlooking the most powerful superpower of all, knowing your needs. And recognizing that your world has room for you. When you care for yourself, you can better care for others. Especially longterm.

Success is a decision and it starts with acknowledging that you deserve your dreams. It’s up to us to protect those dreams and make the time for them. Your life will be defined as much by the things you say no to, as the things you say yes to. So commit to moving every single day. Whatever that may look like. Mindset, habits, and routines are the building blocks for success towards your goals. And showing up as the strongest version of you should be on the top of that list. 

First, get your mind in the right place. 

So much of implementing your workouts into your daily routine is a mental obstacle.  

Know that putting yourself on the list isn't selfish, it's paramount.

Recall how much better you feel after your workout.

Know that you don't need to have a ton of time or fancy equipment in order to get a great workout in.

Realize that if you don't put yourself on the list, it won't happen. 

Now, let's make the plan. Here are 5 moves that you can do anywhere anytime. These effective and efficient moves will strengthen your body and empower your spirit. 

1. Squats

This is by far the number one move in my book for shaping that booty. Make sure you focus on your form and technique because it really matters with squats. 

Have your feet shoulder-width apart, your feet and knees facing forward. Keep your head up and spine upright, descend until your thighs are parallel to the floor, push up to your starting position. Squeeze your glutes at the top. The juice is worth the squeeze!

2. Plank

This is a foundational move for your core, but hold it long enough and you’ll feel it in your quads too! Position your elbows directly under your shoulders and rest your forearms on the ground. Go onto your toes, keeping your body in a straight line squeezing your glutes, and pulling in your belly button so you are engaging your core. Hold for 30 seconds and built up to 45 seconds and finally 1-min+ long holds. 

Put on your favorite workout anthem while you hold your plank and I guarantee you will hold it for a few seconds longer than you thought possible.

3. Single leg lunge

Take a nice big step out and bend your forward knee to create a 90-degree flexion. Drop the back knee low to the floor and return to starting position. To feel extra burn in your glutes and quads, rest the back foot on a step or chair. Start at 10 repetitions on each side and work your way up to 30 repetitions per side. 

4. Push-ups 

Ladies, it’s time to rewrite the narrative. "Girl push-ups" are no longer allowed. Let’s dream big and aim for a full push-up. 

Lower yourself to the ground touching your chest as close to it as you can, push yourself back up squeezing glutes, and engage the core keeping yourself as parallel to the floor as you can.

Don't start on your knees. Start on your feet and if you need to transition to your knees make sure not to sacrifice your form. 


5. Hamstring walkouts

These are game changers. Lay on your back with your heels on the floor and toes in the air as close to your butt as you can. Lift your butt to hold a 45-degree angle. Take small steps with weight focused in your heels and walk out and straighten your legs as much as possible while keeping your butt in the air. (This is key.) Then walk those heels back. Do this for 30 seconds. 

Walkouts recruit your hamstrings by not allowing your glutes or quads to overpower the move. If this is a new move for you, your hamstrings will quiver and shake and feel vulnerable. That is okay. That means you have identified a weakness and the beauty about this move is that it doesn't take long to see results in the shape and strength of the hamstring. 

Simplicity is key to anything new you are trying to implement. Take small, simple moves, but make them a priority. That's how you set yourself up for success. Allow the confidence boost (and endorphins) from a new routine serve you throughout your busy life. 

Watch how things that used to rattle you just roll off your back. 

Watch how when kids are having a wild day, it doesn't impact you the way it used to. 

Watch how when you control what you can, the stuff out of your control doesn't cause you to lose your footing. 

Strong, fierce, incredible, warrior mommas, you are the sky, everything else is the weather. 


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