Gravity Sportswear: The Only Fitness “Tech” You Actually Need

If you know me at all, you know I’m not about fancy fitness technology. Whether it be fitness trackers, power meters, or high-end home fitness equipment, I’m very much a no-frills kinda gal. That’s because getting and staying fit is actually pretty simple. (That does not mean easy!)

Getting and staying fit is all about consistency and determination. And that’s something money can’t buy. I have always gravitated towards sports that required little equipment and a lot of heart and ambition. That’s why I love running and soccer. Minimal equipment. Even the fitness equipment I use in BURN is surprisingly cheap and simple. It’s fitness essentials that have stood the test of time and are available almost anywhere: some dumbbells, a weighted ball, sliders, a jump rope, and resistance bands.

Despite my love for endurance, I never loved the sport of cycling because you have to depend on your gear to work properly and function. Oftentimes the more money you invest in your bike, the better quality and results you could achieve. That doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t believe goals can be bought. They must be earned. It’s why I love challenging workouts. The struggle you feel during is the strength you earned after.  You are rewarded for your work ethic. 

However, I actually have added something to my arsenal in recent months and that is gravity sportswear.

What is gravity sportswear?

Gravity sportswear is fitness clothing that has added weight to it and the leader in this field of research and apparel is Omorpho. Omorpho creates weighted clothing of all kinds: crop tops, long shirts, pants, leggings, shorts, you name it. The weights are small and unlike traditional weighted vests/clothing, the weight is evenly distributed across the whole vest. This concept of adding a small amount of dispersed weight to your workout is called microloading and it has BIG benefits.

What is microloading?

The principles behind microloading are simple. By placing weight on the parts of the body that are moving, you increase resistance to the active muscles. By keeping the weight light, you can move with nearly the same speed and intensity. By distributing the weight across your body, there is no interference with how you move naturally. This means you can increase the effectiveness of your training and realize greater results, without changing anything but what you wear. This is music to my ears.

This is because I know that my BURN workouts work. They work for not only me but thousands of other people across the globe that do them. So if I can get better results from what I’m already doing by simply changing what I wear, I’m all about it. Especially because Omorpho apparel is actually stylish and modern, unlike the weighted vests of the past.

The results

Omorpho has done extensive research on the concept of microloading and also conducted many tests on their own products. Research has revealed that you can burn up to 8% more calories with gravity sportswear than without! And there are equivalent improvements in power and speed.

I’ve been trying Omorpho products for months now and in my own “studies” (i.e., trying it for myself!) I’ve found that there is nothing that gets my heart rate faster than microloading my workouts with Omorpho. I push myself to my limits in BURN, but with Omorpho my limit expands. I am burning up to 8% more without even thinking about it.

What’s even better is the heightened experience of taking the gear off after a workout. You know the feeling of getting off the treadmill and feeling like you’re gliding across the floor? Well, imagine the feeling of weightlessness after taking off the weighted gear after a hard workout. It’s euphoric! I’m convinced that microloading has hacked my brain as well. Any post-workout endorphin-fueled highs I feel are amplified.

Bottom line

It’s time to let go of the fear of adding weight or resistance to your routine. In the past decades, nearly everything in the fitness industry has been all about removing weight. Lighter sneakers, bikes, rackets, clothing, and so on. Lighter isn’t always better. Gravity sportswear like Omorpho is changing that narrative. 

Although the terms microloading and gravity sportswear may seem like the latest buzz, these are terms you will definitely hear for years and years to come. Unlike other fitness fads and tech, all you need to do is invest in a few pieces of clothing you own for life. There are no batteries or software updates. And you don’t need to change your routine or rearrange your home to fit another clunky piece of equipment that you may or may not use later as a coat rack. Simply put on a piece of clothing and get results. That’s the no-frills, practical fitness tech I can get behind. Join me in this new era of training.

I’m thrilled to now be partnering with Omorpho. Click here to get 10% off all Omorpho gear and experience the magic of microloading for yourself. 


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