The Best Fitness Equipment to Stay in Shape While Traveling

You can have the best of intentions and the most solid workout routine at home, but if you’re not prepared for keeping on track while traveling, healthy habits are often the first thing to go. Even those of us that make our health a priority fall off the wagon when travel and events upend our schedules. All it takes to keep on track with your exercise is a little forethought. 

Even though most hotels have gyms nowadays, I always recommend bringing a few pieces of your own equipment. If you’re anything like me, hotel gyms are always a little too small for true comfort. Here are my favorite (and often overlooked) pieces of workout equipment that make it easy to keep on track.

Resistance bands or tubes

Resistance bands or tubes are lightweight, easily packable, and extremely affordable. The sky is the limit in terms of the amount of exercises you can do with these. Resistance tubes are fantastic for all kinds of effective arm workouts and resistance bands, when put around your thighs, add more oomph to your squats and lunges and really target those quads and glutes. All of these exercises can easily be done in even the smallest of hotel rooms.


We’re not talking about little burgers here. Sliders are essentially like slippery plates you put on the floor that allow for a great core workout. When you add sliders to certain popular workout moves, it challenges your body in different ways and will enable you to move at a faster pace which ups the intensity while also greatly reducing impact. For example, going burpees on sliders is kinder on the joints, but you still get all of the benefits of the move. I love doing burpees or mountain climbers with sliders or variations of plank-to-pike moves. Sliders also just make certain moves feel fun, and that’s a big bonus if you’re working out in a hotel room.


When we’re traveling, we’re likely pressed for time. The concept behind gravity sportswear like Omorpho is that all you need to do to maximize your existing workout is throw on some weighted gear. By working out in weighted gear, you increase the resistance to active muscles and burn more than without it. This means you get the most bang for your buck in terms of an efficient workout. It’s worth mentioning that Omorpho gear isn’t SUPER heavy! One of my favorite tops, the G crop, is just under a pound, so it won’t weigh down your luggage. The next time you travel, pack some Omorpho gear and go on a run, hit the hotel gym, or do some moves with resistance bands or sliders in your room for a super-efficient workout. 

Bottom Line

Don’t let a disruption in your routine get in the way of your goals. We all have tendencies to overthink or complicate things. Choose to adapt to your environment the next time you’re on the go. Pack a few simple things like resistance bands, sliders, and/or a weighted vest in your suitcase or duffel, and rest easy knowing you have plenty of options and no excuses for getting in a great workout.