Stuffed Peppers

Got leftover ground turkey from Taco Tuesday? This is a great, quick way to reinvent whatever you have on hand into a delicious, majority plant-forward meal that you can make ahead.


Leftover ground turkey (or seasoned, cooked protein of choice)

Green peppers

Cherry tomatoes, sliced

Red onion, diced

Vegetable broth

Primal Kitchen Cilantro Lime Mayo

@braggs Nutritional Yeast


Here, I sliced the tops off 2 green peppers and used a smaller knife to remove the ribs and seeds. Next, I combined the leftover ground turkey with the cherry tomatoes, red onion, and finally, a dollop of the Cilantro Lime Mayo.

I stuffed each pepper with the mixture and added about an inch of broth to the baking dish. If you’re making this in advance, stop here, and refrigerate until ready to cook. Otherwise, preheat the oven to 375°F and bake for about 30 mins until the insides are warmed through and the tops are toasty.