Sole Meunière

Sole meunière (pronounced sowl-moo-nyehr) sounds super fancy but is actually straightforward and pretty quick to get on the table. It presents beautifully and the bright flavors in the lemon and capers pair so well together. I made two fillets so scale up or down as needed on the ingredient list per your quantity.

Sole fillets
Salt & Pepper
Herbs de Provence
Olive oil
Chopped Parsley

For the sauce:
White wine
Lemon, zest and juice
Capers, juice

Pat fish dry with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper. Dredge in flour/herb mixture (can be done a few hours ahead, just refrigerate until ready to fire).

Preheat oven to 200. Heat olive oil to medium in a heavy bottom skillet. Cook fish until golden brown on each side. Fish will release from the pan on its own when it’s ready to be flipped, don’t force it, you’ll lose, and your fish will fall apart. Cook through about 80% and flip (carefully! with both a spatula and tongs, those tender fillets are fragile) to finish the skin. Remove from heat to an oven safe dish and keep warm until your sauce is done.

Turn heat to low and deglaze pan with white wine. Once bubbles simmer down, add lemon juice, zest, capers and caper juice. Add butter last and turn off heat. Let the sauce thicken a bit as the butter melts.

Spoon sauce over fillets and top with parsley. I served this with a lemony shaved Brussels sprouts salad and the same Chenin Blanc I used to deglaze the pan.