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Buffalo Chicken Collard Wraps


Organic Chicken Breast

Collard Green Leaves

Riced Cauliflower


Buffalo Sauce


For this recipe you can use a slow-cooked and shredded chicken OR a rotisserie chicken and yield similar results.

Either way, heat your chicken in broth.
Trim woodsy ends from collard leaves.
Simmer water in a shallow pan and add salt, let the collard greens bathe in the water for 2-3 mins each, just enough to soften up.
Reserve those to a paper towel lined plate and use that same pan for the cauliflower rice.
Add olive oil to the pan, rice, salt and dry rub and cook on medium until rice is warmed through and starting to brown on the tips. 

Assemble and top with your favorite sauce.

CHEF TIP: Put sauces in squeeze bottles so you have better control over the quantity used and presentation on the plate.